Beatrice di Girolamo


Born in Santiago Chile, 1969

Between 1988 and 1992 she studies Design at Universidad Católica de Chile.

In 1996 she graduates as a Graphic Designer with highest distinction due to her thesis project: “Nuevo Artes y Letras, suplemento para el diario El Mercurio” – “New Arts and Literature, supplement for El Mercurio Newspaper.”

After practising graphic design for 15 years, Beatrice accomplished several projects such as designing diverse logotypes, Jazz CD covers, brand design and art direction for,  amongst others.

But it is in 1998 when her design practises and art began to merge when she was given the task to design all graphic material for the Chilean Pavilion at the Lisbon World Exposition, working along with two recognised Chilean architects: Borja Huidobro and Roberto Benavente. In this same year she obtains a postgraduate degree in painting at Escuela de Arte de la Universidad Católica de Chile.

In 2004, Di Girolamo decides to step out of graphic design, and rents an artist studio in order to focus solely on art. During 2004 and 2007 she takes painting classes with several national artists, including Francisco Méndez, Eugenio Dittborn, Andrés Vio and Eduardo Vilches.

Since 2007 Beatrice Di Girolamo started to explore and expand her artistic practise, and shifted from canvas to wood as her main media and platform to further develop her artistic discourse.




“THE SPRING OF YOUTH” GAM Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.


Latin America: Modernity

Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

ART TORONTO Art Fair, Yael Rosenblut Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

“UPRISING II”  Site Specific Project designed for “Changing Places Festival”, Yungay Borough, Santiago, Chile.


ChACO Art Fair. Solo Project for MUTT Gallery. Santiago, Chile


“UPRISING I” Site specific project for MUTT Gallery. Santiago Chile.


“STREAKS II” Exhibition. Pinacoteca Universidad de Concepción. Concepción, Chile

“WOOD” Exhibition. AMS Marlborough Gallery. Santiago, Chile.

“TOWARDS ÑUÑOHUE” Collective exhibition consisting on painted benches at Ñuñoa’s Borough Council. Santiago, Chile.

“TINY FORMAT” Exhibition. AMS Marlborough Gallery. Santiago, Chile.

ChACO Art Fair. Designing and executing the booth for “Chile`s Transparency Board”.  Santiago, Chile.


“STREAKS I” Exhibition. MAC. Valdivia`s Museum of Contemporary Art, UACh. Valdivia, Chile.

“ILLUSORIES” Exhibition. Patricia Ready Gallery. Santiago, Chile.

“RENOVALES” Exhibition. MAM. Chiloe’s Museum of Modern Art. Castro, Chiloé, Chile.


“TOWARDS THE AIR” Collective exhibition consisting on painted benches at Santiago’s Borough Council. Santiago, Chile


“COUNTERWEIGHT” Joint exhibition with Andrés Vio. Universidad de Talca, Campus Santiago. Santiago, Chile.

ChACO Art Fair Patricia Ready Gallery. Santiago Chile.


“STAVES” Exhibition. Patricia Ready Gallery. Santiago, Chile.



SAVAL Laboratories’ main access hall. Santiago Chile.


LO VALLEDOR Offices’ main access hall. Santiago, Chile

DOUBLE TREE HOTEL, by HILTON main access hall. Santiago, Chile.

PRO OFFICE Building’s main hall. Santiago, Chile

VERGARA, FERNANDEZ, COSTA & CLARO Lawyers offices, main access hall. Santiago, Chile.

ESTRÓ Restaurant, RItz Carlton Hotel. Santiago Chile


VIP Lounge, FBO Airport, Aerocardal. Santiago, Chile.

BANCO CONSORCIO, main access hall. Santiago Chile


BARROS & ERRAZURIZ Lawyers offices, main access hall


ENJOY HOTEL, Chiloé. Castro, Chiloé.


ENJOY HOTEL & CASINO, VIP Lounge. Rinconada. Santiago, Chile

TORRE MAYOR BUILDING, main access hall. Ciudad Empresarial. Santiago, Chile

NEXTEL OFFICES’s main access hall. Santiago, Chile.


W Hotel, wine cellar.