Sebastián Maquieira


Sebastian Maquieira (1978) lives and work in Santiago de Chile.

He finished his studies at the Visual School of Arts at the Finisterrae University of Santiago in 2003, where he earn an “Honor Scholarship” and moves to New York to work in the Eugenio Tellez studio for a semester.


My work consist in a search of new ways of interrogate and organize the historical, aesthetic and functional aspects of objects created by humanity.

I´m interested in develop new material forms through operations such as selection, intervention, repetition and assemblage of different objects that communicate their material aspects, and also the signs that live in them and work in our conscience.

I build these set ups where the addition of his parts produce certain tension that activates little narratives that speak of technological innovations, of the evolution of forms and taste in conversation with cultural mutations, political conflicts and everyday mythologies.



Solo Shows

2015 – “Apuntes y desenlaces”, Galería Mutt, Santiago.

2014 – “Llaves de paso”, Galería Mutt, Santiago.

2014 – “Caudal”, Galería XS, Santiago.

2012 – “Altavoz”, Puma Canvas, Centro Cultural GAM, Santiago.

2010 – “Viaducto”, Galería Moro, Santiago.

2010 – “Resonancias”, Galería Artespacio, Santiago.

2009 – “Calle Adentro”, Galería Moto, Santiago.

2004 – “Diariografías from the outside”, Galería La Ventana Cemicual, Santiago.

Group shows

2017 – “Transforma”, Instituto Cultural de Providencia, Santiago.

2016 – “Opendark Art”, Opendark, Santiago.

2012 – “El Papel del amigo”, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago.

2011 – “Galería Moro en el MAC”, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Valdivia.

2010 – “Sin Titulo”, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago.

2010 – “Attention Span”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.

2010 – “Rasgos emotivos”, Galería Vértice, Lima.

2010 – “Laboratorio”, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura, Valparaíso.

2009 – “Celebration”, Back Gallery Project, Vancouver.

2008 – “Art in mind”, The Brick Lane Gallery, Londres.

2008 – “Los Tuertos”, Salón Tudor, Santiago.

2004 – “Dislocaciones”, Centro Cultural España, Santiago

He has participated in Art Toronto with Yael Rosenblut Gallery in 2015 and 2016.

Ch.ACO Santiago with Yael Rosenblut Gallery in 2015.

ArteBa Buenos Aires in 2011, with Galería Artespacio and in 2014 with Galería XS.