Yael Rosenblut is a curator and art dealer of contemporary and post-war art in Latin America, Israel, North America and Europe. With almost two decades of experience in representing artists and valuing collections in Santiago, New York and Jerusalem, Yael operates from 2018 from Madrid.

She studied Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where she was always linked to art, since the school received visits from international artists such as Orlan and Zvi Goldstein. After five years in Jerusalem she returned to Chile to study Art in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Santiago where she graduated in 2005. During those years she dedicated herself professionally to the realization of video art. She presented her videos at important exhibitions in the world and an individual exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago – MNBA.

The videos were about the art scene: the circuit and its market. She was constantly interested in how this scene was articulated, accompanied by an instinct and a favourable capacity to the production and commercialization of works. This is how she began to make collective exhibitions of important video artists such as Julian Rosefeld, Martin Ebner, Pat Mc Elnea, Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley, Dana Bell and Christoph Draeger, contravening the erroneous perception of the time on video as an art difficult to sell.

Working in New York in a first period -between the years 2003 and 2008- and in a second period -between 2013 and 2017- she got to know both the New York and the international contemporary art scene more deeply. In this journey, she successfully incorporated and positioned artists in that market, such as José Pedro Godoy, Gag Ball, Guillermo Lorca, Beatrice Di Girolamo, Chiachio & Giannone, Oswaldo Ruiz, Jason Mones and Aaron Gilbert.

From there, she then had the opportunity to hold exhibitions in different spaces and in 2013 was invited to the Cutlog Art Fair, New York. From this turning point, she decided to create her first gallery project: Yael Rosenblut Gallery, an itinerant project with a portfolio of emerging and consolidated artists who, until now, have participated in fairs such as ZoNa Maco [D.F. Mexico], ARCO [Madrid], Art Toronto [Canada], Art Lima [Peru] amongst more than twenty-five fairs.

The clarity sought by Yael Rosenblut AD both in the curatorship and in the promotion of contemporary works of art –video, installation, mixed media and painting formats- has resulted in a professional level of high artistic, ethical and aesthetic standards in the delivery of these works to the public. As a counterpart, we have gathered a valuable portfolio of international clients: collectors and public and private institutions with which we maintain bonds of trust in the permanent interest in positioning artists and completing historical collections of art of the twentieth and twenty-first century.