Yael Rosenblut ~ Art Dealer grants the possibility of encountering with international audiences to those artists already consolidated in their home countries. She carries out an exhaustive work of contextualization and written reflection, dialoguing with critics of global connotation.

Yael Rosenblut works as a driving force between artists and audiences, expanding the possibilities of art in terms of its exhibition and exchange.

A long and continuous conversation with collectors, critics and art historians -such as Justo Pastor Mellado, Carla Stellweg, Guillermo Machuca, Florencia San Martín, Alan Meller and Graciela Taquini- is the basis for her expanded vision of art.

Yael Rosenblut ~ Art Dealer offers consulting services to artists in second and third career phase, aimed at achieving an effective connection with the public, collectors and publications. See some of our publications here [link to the publications].