Finding the right time and the right place are key factors to achieve an efficient investment and a timely sale. Yael Rosenblut ~ Art Dealer knows that it is the desire of every collector to provide added value to their heritage. To make it enduring over time and relevant in its context.

In a scenario of oversaturated markets, Yael Rosenblut’s role is to connect collectors with those works that will be valuable to them from their biographical importance, historical relevance, and contextual coherence. Unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Thanks to Yael Rosenblut’s double expertise in both the secondary market and the emerging and contemporary market, her collector clients achieve a twofold purpose:

To increase the valuation of collections through visibility and trade movement, completing collections when recovering works in the secondary market.

To obtain pieces of high artistic value at an early and intermediate recognition stage for those collectors who wish to attend the development process of living artists.

This latter kind of collector thus demonstrates that she/he knows their time and culture through an urgent and passionate reading of current art, as done by Peggy Guggenheim and Charles Saatchi or dealers like Paul Durand-Ruel and Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

The Yael Rosenblut ~ Art Dealer guarantee is a valuable portfolio of international clients, collectors, and public and private institutions. She maintains ties of trust with them by beholding a permanent interest in positioning  their valued artists and completing their 20th and 21st century art collections.