Yael Rosenblut Art Dealership knows that the desires behind a collection of contemporary art are as diverse -and specific- as the people who create them and the works that sustain them. It is the desire of every art collector to give added value to its collection, which is lasting in time and relevant in its context. It is a task where finding the right time and place are key factors to make an efficient investment or a timely sale.

In a scenario of over-saturated markets, the role of the curator and dealer is to connect collectors with those works that will be valuable to their collection from their biographical relevance, historical relevance and contextual coherence among other factors specific to each case. The main objective of Yael Rosenblut AD is to rescue unique pieces by revealing their particularity.

The double expertise of Yael Rosenblut AD both in secondary market and in the emerging and contemporary market allows our collector clients to pursue a double purpose. The first is to achieve continuity in the value of their collections through visibility and movement in markets, accessing a progressive completeness in collections in the case of achieving recovery of pieces in the secondary market.

A second purpose is to obtain works of high artistic value in early and medium stages of recognition, for those collectors who wish to attend the development process of living artists. This type of collector shows a knowledge of its time and culture through an urgent and passionate reading of current art, as Peggy Guggenheim and Charles Saatchi have done, or dealers such as Paul Durand-Ruel and Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.