Yael Rosenblut Art Dealership is dedicated to the curatorship and art dealing of the twentieth and twenty-first century. Since 2005, Yael Rosenblut has successfully positioned artists in prominent places of the art circuit, such as Santiago de Chile, New York and Tel Aviv. They currently operate from Madrid.

Yael Rosenblut AD provides the services and expertise which are necessary for the exhibition, publication, appraisal, purchase and sale of art pieces whose potential and recognised relevance will remain in time. It specialises in both emerging and consolidated art from the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, with particular emphasis on Latin America and Israel. In addition, their work allows to complete and deliver prominence to private and public collections through operations of buying and selling secondary market pieces of high-ranking local and global criticism.

Throughout her international career –initially as an artist- and then as a curator and dealer, Yael Rosenblut has contributed to the positioning of artists who today enjoy  recognised career and reputation. Guillermo Lorca, Oswaldo Ruiz, Christoph Draeger, Julian Rosefeld, Zoya Cherkassky, Alfredo Jaar, Chiachio & Giannone, Anna Lukashevsky, Patrick Jolley, Reynold Reynolds, José Pedro Godoy, Javier Rodríguez and Beatrice Di Girolamo are some of the artists who have entrusted our expert eye over the years.

The projection of these works at a commercial level has been carried out respecting the artistic processes of the artists. This principle is fundamental to ensure the discursive and aesthetic authenticity of the work of art when it is presented to the world.

Artists which are already consolidated in their original scene, are granted the chance to encounter new audiences in novel territories, through a thorough work of contextualisation and written reflection that dialogues with connoted critics in the scenes into which they are presented.

Therefore, Yael Rosenblut AD has been a connecting vector to the conquest of new territories, expanding the possibilities of art in terms of its exhibition and Exchange, through a long and continous conversation with critics, collectors and art historians, such as Justo Pastor Mellado, Carla Stellweg, Guillermo Machuca, Florencia San Martín, Alan Meller and Graciela Taquini. Our passion for promoting and keeping circulation of novel and consolidated art from Latin America, North America, Israel and now Spain is our main task.